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A Water Filter Does More Than Just Filter Out Impurities

This is a well-established fact that water is essential for our survival. But, depending upon your location, that clear liquid may contain millions of contaminants that are dangerous to drink or even inhale.

Water covers two-thirds of the Earth's surface.[1] Yet, only a small percentage of people get unpolluted water to drink. Quite ironic, isn't it? Having said that, there's no way to know whether you fall into the category of the latter population or not.

Despite passing your drinking water into a treatment facility, it may not be pure. This is because water is capable of picking up contaminants even after it leaves the water treatment facility. This also applies to people who store their water in private wells. 

In fact, according to WHO, around 829,000 are estimated to die every year from the consumption of unsafe water.[2]

Always on a lookout for improving your health

You all keep looking for new and unique ways to improve your health, be it working out, dieting or getting a yoga instructor. But, just as charity begins at home, so does getting good health. Sometimes, it is all about paying heed to the basic necessities of life, such as drinking safe water.

No matter how cautious you are about living a healthy life, using unfiltered water is as risky as walking on eggshells. You would never know to what extent the water in your taps is tarnished with health-affecting bacteria and viruses. These include chlorine, mercury, fluorine compounds, pesticides, lead, etc. 


Fortunately, there is one way to protect yourselves. Ultimately, it all comes down to one solution, that is, installing a water filter at your homes. This article is about the importance of water filtration so that you drink the best quality water to keep yourself and your families safe. 

One of the most excellent water purifiers in the market today is the Advanced 8 Stage Water Filter. Let us see how they are so much more than just a water filter!

Importance of installing water filters 

Due to the crisis associated with impure water, the demand to install proper water filtration systems has never been higher. As natural resources are already grappling with climate change, pollution, and a rapidly growing population, they are under immense pressure. 


Additionally, various chemical and physical microbiological adulterants from different water sources also make water highly unsafe for consumption. In earlier days, boiling water was more than sufficient to kill unwanted germs, guarding it against bacteria. 

However, this is 2020. Things have come a long way since boiling water, and so have water-borne contaminants! Now, boiling water even for more than 20 minutes will not get rid of new-age impurities and other dangerous chemicals. 

Hence, it is imperative that you understand the importance of water filtration to keep your loved ones drinking safe water. You already know that water filters remove harmful toxins and bacteria which lead to poor health and diseases. You also know that it decontaminates water by using a chemical process, physical barrier or a biological process. 

Reasons to invest in this type of water filter

But, your purifier does much more than filter out impurities. To ensure the supply of safe water, we recommend that you use Advanced 8 Stage Water Filters. Studies show that water-filter usage in Australian households has increased since 2001.[3] Here is a list of the reasons why you must invest in these water filter systems: 

1. Removing rust and debris from water taps

Your pre-existing water taps are one of the major sources of water contamination. These taps consist of tiny dust particles, sediments, and rust that degrade water quality as soon as they pass through. 

To prevent water from such impediments, Advanced 8 stage water filters carry filter felt pads that act like slit pads. They remove all kinds of rusty components and debris that might be suspended in the taps. 

1. Eliminating heavy metals 

Water treatment filters remove several contaminants including chemicals, chlorine and around 240 other volatile compounds. KDF present in Advanced 8 stage filters aids activated carbon to remove organic matter and heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic. 

2. Bringing back the water taste and odour 

Filtering and purifying water can not only help water to taste much better. But, a water filter also helps steer away from the bad odour that is generated by the presence of chlorine. Of course, there is no way that you can remove chlorine by yourself.

Luckily, Advanced 8 stage water filters eliminate chlorine, the bad taste, smell, and organic sediments, present in town water. 

3. Reinstating essential minerals 

Since several facilities treat water before it gets out of your taps, there is a probability that it loses all its essential minerals. The absence of these vital nutrients renders water completely useless. 

These advanced water filters carry mineralized balls that are derived from natural clays. They bring back valuable minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, iodine, etc. to your body. 

4. Discharging calcium into the water 

Calcium dissolved in water, make up for its "hardness". The existence of calcium in your drinking water has a dose-dependent protective impact to defend you from cardiovascular diseases. Advanced 8 stage water filters produce Mineral Coralite Balls. They gradually release calcium into the water. 

5. Restoring the alkalinity of water 

These water filtration systems make use of fine granular layers of activated carbon to make water alkaline. This is because alkaline water has a relatively higher pH than regular drinking water. It helps you to neutralize the acid present in your bodies. 

6. Reviving vital minerals 

This is the final grade of stage 4. Your Advanced 8 stage water filters add much-needed trace elements to your water, making it fit for consumption. 

7. Protecting against harmful bacteria 

These water filters make use of ceramic plates to ensure maximum protection against harmful bacteria. These are the impurities that might have passed through previous filtration functions.

 Ceramic Plates are hollow cylinders with clay construction. These are combined with combustible materials such as coffee husks, saw husks or rice husks. They have the potential to remove these pathogens and strike out all harmful pollutants, freeing your water from danger. 

Final words

Owing to the significance of water in the sustainability of life, access to clean water is every individual's right. Your body requires clean and healthy water to function properly. On the other hand, impure water can be harmful. 

That is why the importance of installing a water filter is very high. To make sure that you are handing the safest glass of water to your children, we recommend using our Advanced 8 Stage water filters. Now, you can sit back and let the water purifiers do their job! 



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